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Here at the studio, we like to make sure everyone
included has a bit of a biography, everyone that
plays partneeds a place to relive the collaborative
essence by trying to remember what instruments
we played on what! so here it goes....
The Scotty Gosson combo

racing enthusiasts and music lovers combined!
one dying breath
One Dying Breath has a history as rich as their music. Originally hailing from Coos Bay, OR, this prolific progressive rock band has astounded audiences with their performance, blending many different genres of music. Metal, Horror Rock, Gothic/Deathrock, and even a flavor of Death Metal can be heard in their diverse sound. With many alternative elements to be found as well, One Dying Breath paints a picture and tells a story with each song.
constant tourists

Meet the Constant Tourists…

The Constant Tourists were born on a cold autumn night in 2005 when, after open-mic'ing a particularly fiery set of original songs, Nate was approached by a ravishing young lady named Cassie, who shared the same passion for songwriting and performing as he. Soon, they were writing music and doing other things together (kinda like Fleetwood Mac). Soon, Brent, who is an expert coattail rider, coaxed the duo into letting him splurge his tasty hot licks over their magically delicious brand of folk-rock. The result was equal parts Radiohead, Zeppelin, Cake and Jazz -but completely original. Please, do listen and enjoy what can only be described as the Constant Tourists.
A man of God that plays music as if from a vein
of pure Glory.It actually sounds like he was from
the cradle of civilization. Around 40 songs of
scriptural worship from the word of God!
Mike holst
Kevin ertel
Rob james
an experience lasting from around january 1994 through
maybe 1998 and since then added to part by part, these are aomewhat agressive and melodic fusionary concepts! some straight out jazz fusion and some groovy stylistic stuff..
Born into this world under less conditions, Aux-lo takes the
scraps of a discarded world and places them into arrangement.
Never like the mass of agreement, never given the space or time.
Aux-lo succeeds for worldly planes, that crave a background ambiance.
Never in need of the spotlit pop machine. Curious of the unpolished jem.
pushing forward with mistakes, agitating the normal idea that brought
us here. Now is forever tomorrow the next!
Some of the oldest jam ideas one day will come into
the futureand be remade! alot of these ideas were great
and need refining, scrubbing, and at some point
discarding these ideas,this is the
edible stone boneyard
"Dane hails from Grants Pass, Oregon.
He has been writing songs for most of his 24
years and considers Bob Dylan his biggest influence.
No big performances or album releases yet...
stay tuned for more."