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Kick comes from an asian toymaker, Who knows what they were trying to make.
There were 12 prototypes in all, slightly different,3 are said to still be in existence,
when enraged, which takes repeated attempts, kick willfinally get frustrated and send
you sprawling with a deadly blow. He usually always hits, if you are within range,
watch out! The farmer that had him for us to see ended up letting him have the
boot after a mind numbing kick. Blasted him so hard it knocked the boot right off!
When in larger numbers, it was characteristic for the kicks to take a shoe, or if they
preferred, a boot. This sometimes became a status symbol among the kick colonies
to adorn a powerful boot or shoe and who had to be beat to own it.
I have a demonstration figure
to characterize how much
power the victim can expect
to be exposed to.