next monster
A scientific experiment gone right!, testing biologist Bernard Krume decides he's fed up
with watching the others blunder cheap easy scientific breakthroughs. He harasses the
Redd scientific complex for hollween every year, First it was the bat, then the tarantula!
Now he has designed this one for aggresive activities,seems he has lost the position
he was promised him months before to a colleague. This one has a tendency to butt
anything it sees, and at over a long period of conditioning, this one follows a specific
colleagues cologne. At over 2 feet long, it was a known fact that once the proper
cologne was issued to the Ramricket, there was a high tendency that doctor Bernard
Krume was severely bludgeoned by his own creation within seconds of its recognition of the
scent, but completely tranquil with other scents. The doctor barely escaped with his life If it
weren't for his quick thinking and a peice of plexyglass, that thing would have tore the lab to
shreds and killed him, He managed to bounce it out an open window.The rest of the staff
appeared later to see what the noise and destruction were, but he could not tell nor did he
know what to tell them." it was an explosion."