old concert footage and recordings, jams and the like of edible stone and all others concerned!

Edible Stone
finished cd from 1997--
Final Departure
CLose Your Eyes
Haynes Way
(new) 7/2011 The Man
(new) 7/2011 Ulcer

very old edible stone and company reviews

earthtunes kid jazz

dave and rob, late 80's...simply lame!

edible stone live in bandon

4 track recording on the fly 4 track to cassette, dude was figuring it
out while he was running sound
edible with aaron hyde
aaron sits in for a song or 2
jazz with kevin and eden
very old crusty recording, just to figure out the chords
last half of a little sumthin
got the first half, gotta attach it! re record this idea!
old neighborhood
very old 4 track master, stuff gone and such
the pizza man calleth
old jam with duncan prescott, rob james and daron morone
a little somethin' ( cassette-demo 1987)