tribute to the six million dollar man

Welcome to the Jamesdrive studio
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The Jamesdrive freestudio project

music as we record it, I post it before its even finished
sometimes when you collaborate, just making it available for others to hear is essential in
the writing process, it allows home practice and transfer between users with compatible equipment
via e-mail and other transfer methods- this project is a cost free way to get your music on cd.
great music is lost because it is never recorded, and bands break up and it becomes forgotten!
check out the bands and musicians here
collaboration, production and promotions
These are bands i have worked with in the past and now into the future!
this will always be a growing site dedicated to whomever wants to get on board,
there is alot of musicians with great songs to listen to for your own enjoyment!

The Art Galleries
i have this other side project making virtual rooms
if you are an artist that has photos of your pictures or items, i can make a gallery for your
things thats like no other gallery, or so i have been told! I can make one for you in a night!

Monsters and things
maybe i will get inspired and make more
every so often i have another monster to add to this bunch, if you have a monster
and a story, i will post i as long as its not too gruesome, let me see it, and i will make a
page like the others and it will rotate in a chain forever!
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