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updated 4-10-2011

I had this thing worked out on bass using harmonics and thought i should take it
to the studio, but i thought it might be uncommon for 2 basses to exist in the same
song, (always thinking about the aspects of live performance) considering there aren't
many bands that way unless you are a chapman stick player or something, on
e is simply a track of harmonics, the other is the solid type you would expect.
The next thing i took into consideration was a drumtrack, because i kinda write the
two together once i had a pretty good idea, i laid the drums..and this of course led me
to the guitar, i have a few fleeting glimpses of what the guitar part should be but of course i
maybe scratched it out close to what i hear..but its a good reference for someone else if they
should come along.. whilst hunting for other tracks to be laid, i asked Mark if he'd like to
add keys, and with some nice pads and string sounds, and some smooth rhodes piano riffs,
we got some good sounds! it was very inspiring, and led this tune back to the ocean...
I found some really nice oceanic wave and ocean surf sounds and dragged them in too
The next thing that happened in the chain was a connection from Kompoz that informed
me that Greg had downloaded my track...days later, i recieve a lead guitar track via an email
attachment.. and there it is!

i do plan however to do the drums again though!