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updated 4 10 2011

After i wrote and recorded the initial bass part, it took a couple sessions with the
drums to get this one close, after finally getting the drums laid, Greg emailed me
an attachment with a series of smokin' leads, perfect for the hemispheres of the brain!
therefore inspiring me to lay a somewhat basic guitar rhythm to fatten up the tune
for the lead, (still needs that special rhythm player) and then further messing around,
the name being a great indian chief, found an authentic native american flute
provided by a fabulous flute maker..it fits nicely, however, i might not leave it,
further production and the keyboard parts are still in the future!
they might get overshadowed!

"I am laying down a guitar track to this and I just can't get this GROOVE out of my head.
Don't know what you got because it is not Eric Johnson, Nor is it Funk with Jazz.
IT IS JUST COOL! You did a GREAT Job! Keep the flow going and light up the
World with some more of those great Notes!!!!!!"
...Gary Nichols-my music spot.

Rob James
rhythm guitars