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updated 4 10 2011

This idea was a riff i have been working on for about 20 years and finally got the
means to get it recorded, so i clicked a track and let it play away in the background
so i could lay the bass, the drums were laid next so i got a good lock on the rhythm tracks
then i had Joe come by and lay a detailed and springy rhythm track to give the bass some
direction and such. Then we got lucky and found some keyboards. i found Jeff on craigslist
and he brought his gear by and laid a loose groove that opened the whole tune up for a solo.
then after i had Joe initially lay a guitar solo, and after doing so, Joe introduced me to Jean,
who played a mean sax. In the near future i plan on having her lay the finished solo.
Then i was told about Mary from another musician, then with the lyrics Joe has compiled,
and a couple sessions later, it opened the whole song up vocally and created the mood i
was feeling all along!