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updated 4 10 2011

This idea was introduced to me by Joe Clark who had worked out a lot of different ideas
for it, so I took the parts and orchestrated a progression that both could work with, then
laid the drums and rhythm guitar together, i played drums and we took it in about 10 takes..
drums getting 6 tracks and guitar getting a stereo track. next the bass was laid, a
scratch though because i dont want to have to play bass and drums live ..a few volume
ups were provided to embellish the already recorded guitar track and such, then
Jeff downloaded the song from this very site and laid keyboard parts at home
with his gear ...then emailed me 3 seperate mp3's, which imported in and snapped to time
perfectly, then i laid a scratch vocal part to help get some ideas.

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stasis video
this is a bunch of video i had on a small 50 dollar camera, just using it to get vegas video to show me whats what!

bass guitar