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Simple machine
Catalyst. Featuring Kev
Never Been. (Thinking Version) Featuring Kev and Core
Amie Nouveau (drumbox version)

The song "Street thinking" also features Kev. He plays bass on that jam with me on one of his guitars, recorded at his house with
a zoom h4 and later edited with adobe audition.
The song "Never been" features Kev on lead guitar, his cousin on keybourd and
myself on rhythm guitar.that song was recorded on kev's mixing board then dumped out on disc. then remixed heavily in adobe
audition . Later that night Kev andCorey drank them selves into a stupor, and early in the morning Corey wrecked his motorcycle
trying to get home. Thus he has never come back to record with us since. This was just a ruff edit from those tracks to see where I could take
it. It was my belief that Kev's studio would grow and I was eager to participate with that evolution, but as time has progressed 9 times out of
ten his basement is used mainly as a jam pad. Since all the instrumentation was all laid out on one stereo track it gets pretty muddy, but I was
very excited as to what I pulled from that drunken evening.
The song "Catalyst" was taken from a jam at Kev's on his board we tracked
all the cuts so I could rebuild the rhythm on my computer (Drums Bass Keyboards)-Looped and structured. thus very little from the
original jam is present. The song is basically put together around Kev"s lead . (as I was really sounding like poop that night. I played
it for Kev later and he thought I used you on drums, he liked what I did with the final solo where I slowed it down and sped it up
during some of his crazy whammy bends. I also made a harmony track with a loop of his guitar slowed down and loaded with
chorus delay and verb, played it behind his solo to give him a bigger sound.
I am looking forward to capturing some more jams over
at his place soon, his girlfriends Dad has been living there and Kev has got him in on the Keys. some of the shit we have been
pulling off is way "out there" as Kevin says.

Mind fuzz
June visitations
Highway curve
Simple june
Blue thumb
Joon freak

About AUX-LO

Born into this world under less
conditions, Aux-lo takes the scraps of a discarded
world and places them into arrangement.
Never like the mass of agreement, never given the space or time.
Aux-lo succeeds
for worldly planes, that crave a background ambience.
Never in need of the spotlit pop machine. Curious of the unpolished jem.
pushing forward with mistakes, agitating the normal idea that
brought us here.............
Now is forever tomorrow the next!


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