Rob James
Recording engineer and production manager
for Jamesdrivestudio. drummer and percussion
player, vocalist and harmony organizer
and the guy who will be recording your
tracks for you when you come to the studio.

"The first band i was in had some of the
most incredible music, and we never had a
cent to record it, we had to play it for it
to be heard. So maybe 40 good songs got
forgotten against my will when the band
broke up after 10 years of disciplined
practices and organization. even now
after i have reconnected to the players
from that band, there is only a handful
that got recorded on a cassette deck.
everyone who plays something
should keep a recording of every
song, have some way to show it,
because you can never be sure the
song is worth forgetting"
I put together this "freestudio" project to help get this area known for its musicians,
if we want more people knowing medford for its music, we all have to pull together to make
sure we have more reordings coming out of here than ever because so many bands have
fallen apart with great music but no budget for recording. This is where i come in. Just be patient
and i will get you recorded, its just that there is only me and a load of people with music!

more stuff Rob sang on!
Shadow Dancin
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and besides, I was the drummer for the band
Edible Stone
as the drummer for
humongous fungus
Little Sumthin'
Barren Land

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