One Dying Breath

the end
faces in the rain
son of seed

About One Dying Breath
In October of 2006, the band went into the studio to record their first album, entitled “Death Of A Sale EP”. The recording, engineered and mixed by Ted Henry, was originally intended as a demo. The recording was much more, and the band decided to put it on the market. In the summer of 2007, One Dying Breath played their first show at the historic Egyptian Theatre. The band went on to play more shows at venues such as Sozo’s Coffee and Tea, Waxer’s Hall, and Gussie’s Bar and Grill. With a new album in the works and upcoming shows, One Dying Breath is definitely keeping busy. With Mike on guitar and vocals, Daron playing bass and singing, and Mark on drums and vocals, the band has a full sound for a three piece band. In diversity there is something for everyone, and there is defenitely something for everyone to be found in One Dying Breath.

One Dying Breath has a history as rich as their music. Originally hailing from Coos Bay, OR, this prolific progressive rock band has astounded audiences with their performance, blending many different genres of music. Metal, Horror Rock, Gothic/Deathrock, and even a flavor of Death Metal can be heard in their diverse sound. With many alternative elements to be found as well, One Dying Breath paints a picture and tells a story with each song.

Formed back in 2006, One Dying Breath came from the ashes of a cover band called Mr. Mean. Originally consisting of Mark Cossette, Daron Marone, and Chris Gardener, Mr. Mean played many venues. Playing in Winchester Bay, OR at The Oasis one night, the band invited Mike Vaughn, a long time friend of Mark and Daron, to sing a few songs. The band later asked Mike to join, and began playing The Oasis on a somewhat regular basis.